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8Ticket discussion (from Adam's e-mail)Victor
  • Adam asked about how to handle stale tickets especially those waiting on the user.  
  • Gary and Victor mentioned to use your best judgement with the goal of closing tickets as soon as possible. 
    • When necessary put stale tickets in user wait when waiting on response from the user as this time will not be reported via our ticket reporting mechanism. 
    • Items that generate some development item for XSEDE should not sit open in the ticket system but can be closed and the item moved to JIRA or program management to be addressed. 
5Status of ticket queue conversion to XSEDE2Victor/Mike
  • Mike stated over ½ done.  Still have a few outstanding and will send those to Victor so he can nag the XSEDE staff for input.
  • Old XSEDE1 ticket queues are retired/disabled and then they drop off the ticket dashboard.
  • Gary mentioned TACC will initiate a ticket removal of XSEDE1 tickets when all queues are created and we give the signal to do this.
  • Greg mentioned we should get the ticket queue rollover done by next quarterly meeting at the latest.
5Wiki (Confluence) site updatesScott
  • Scott discussed making sure your meeting minutes and needed group documents are posted on the wiki. 
    • NSF asked all our wiki content be available to the public unless there is a reason for making it private (security, private information like IP addresses or other sensitive information). 
    • A policy document is being developed on this.  Use your best judgement on public/private wiki settings at this time.
2Manager CoordinationJim
  • Jim mentioned that he will be attending the intergovernmental HPC security workshop. Adam and Greg going also.

Action items