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5 minWelcome and Roll CallSergiu Sanielevici 
5 minJoining ConfluenceSergiu SanieleviciSubmit tickets to to report problems.
20 minNew user outreach/recruitmentAll

Alan: PI Taylor (Illinois) preparing Startup+ECSS proposal regarding musical and visual representation of genomic sequence alignment data. Also discussed with Alex Ropelewski.

Sudhakar: Educational project by PI Gotwals.

Eric Shook (email): coordinating with about 6 faculty across the US to develop a cyberinfrastructure / parallel computing teaching module for GIS.

15 minExisting user mentoring updatesAll

Phil: PI Cooper DMS160012 mentored research project initiated 7/1.This requires solving some problems with 2-factor authentication. PI Ghaffari renewal submitted to September XRAC meeting.

Phil: Top issue enabling bioinformatics projects is software pipeline installation on SPs (dependencies etc.)

Sudhakar: File transfer issues also arise, esp. for gateway end-users. Advise to use Globus Online rather than e.g. scp. If the performance is still insufficient we will engage XSEDE networking.

10 minDomain champion recruitment and supportAllSergiu: we have reached out to the XRAC reviewers who indicated expertise in one or more FOS within the scope of NIP.
5 minWrap-up and action itemsSergiu SanieleviciNext call: September 26.

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