Discussion items

5 min

Quarterly Meeting in Chicago (Aug. 29-31)

  • discussed request for funds for Derek’s travel as Chair for TAGPMA. Need to make sure this gets discussed
  • Scott discussed having a meeting prior to the XQM on policy and procedure for point of service survey discussion

2 min

Julie Wernert attending Ops-mgmt calls

  • Julie Wernert from WBS 2.6.5 Strategic Planning & Policy Evaluation will be attending Ops-mgmt calls as an embedded person to assist with evaluation needs and requirements in Operations
2 minXSEDE 2.0 announcedVictor
  • XSEDE 2.0 announced as officially awarded.  See NSF news page.
2 min

XSEDE final report update (July-August)

  • July-August metric numbers will be included in the XSEDE1 final report as an appendix. Remember, these metrics are XSEDE2 metrics because we began instrumenting for XSEDE2 beginning July1, 2016.
7 minManager coordinationAll
  •  OSG ticket coordination meeting with XSEDE 8/24/16 at 1pm (Mike, Victor, Gary and OSG staff)
  • Adam asked if  there was an official policy on what items can/should be protected on the wiki.  Use your best judgment and no official policy is available yet, but it is in the works. 

Action items