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5minRequirements AnalysisJP, Lee 
50minActivity StatusJP (Shava) 

Requirements Analysis

Activity updates

In Testing

SDIACT-124 Streamline software deployment with improved packaging (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-174 Implement Genesis II WS-STS interface to Nexus identities and groups (Andrew Grimshaw)

SDIACT-202 Incremental GSI-OpenSSH fixes and enhancements (Venkatesh Yekkirala)

SDIACT-234 Enhance Resource Prediction Service showing where jobs would run first (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-239 Update to support OAuth 2.0 (Venkatesh Yekkirala)

SDIACT-243 Gather initial XSEDE 1 component usage metrics and estimate improvement effort (JP Navarro)

In Development

SDIACT-10 Production EMS and GFFS operations testing (Shava Smallen)

SDIACT-159 Enable subscribing to XSEDE monitoring information from Inca and Nagios (Shava Smallen)

SDIACT-177 Deliver Shared Virtual Compute Facility using Global Queues for Campus Bridging (Andrew Grimshaw)

SDIACT-203 Update to support OAuth 2.0 (Venkatesh Yekkirala

SDIACT-226 Assist software provider to deliver Kepler workflow support on XSEDE (Shweta Purawat.)

SDIACT-237 Provide OSG a dedicated CILogon CA instance via REST web interface (Jim Basney)

SDIACT-244 Upgrade and transition JIRA for XSEDE2 (Shava Smallen)

SDIACT-187 Incremental gateway_submit_attributes fixes and enhancements (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-216 Improve XDCDB security and read/update access with a new RESTfull API (Amy M. Schuele)

SDIACT-190 Nexus supports separate namespace for XSEDE user identities (Lee Liming)

SDIACT-191 Nexus integration with XSEDE Kerberos and XUP (Lee Liming)

SDIACT-192 Develop XSEDE skins for Nexus OAuth and user registration (Lee Liming)

In Design

SDIACT-207 Adapt INCA to information services changes (Shava Smallen)

SDIACT-214 Provide RESTfull interfaces to the XSEDE Information Services Query Warehouse (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-217 Retire central MDS services (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-212 Improved (phase 2) Resource Description Information Management (Edward Hanna)

In Planning

XCI-TBD New SP Resource Integration Testing (Shava Smallen)

XCI-TBD OpenStack Keystone XSEDE Identity Federation (JP Navarro)

Action items