In order to login, submit remote jobs, and access data movement servers on XSEDE HPC, HTC, Viz, and Storage resources users must be part of an XSEDE allocated project. This page documents how RACD staff and collaborators involved in developing, testing, and supporting XSEDE software and software based services can request and be added to the XCI (TG-IRI160006) allocation. 

Requesting Allocation Access

The following steps explain how to request allocation access. 

Step 1: XSEDE User Portal Account

Before requesting access to the XCI allocation a user must already have an XSEDE User Portal account. If you do not have an XSEDE User Portal account visit the portal and click on "Create Account" under the "SIGN IN" button. Once you have an account and can login, proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: Request Allocation Access

Send an e-mail to to the XCI Allocation (TG-IRI160006) with the following information: 

Once you submit your request and XCI management receives it, it will take 2 business days to process and take affect. 

Granting Allocation Access

The following steps explain how the TG-IRI160006 PI, co-PI, and allocation manager can grant access to the allocation. 

Step 1: Grant Access

  1. Go to the page to add allocation users (requires portal login). 
  2. Select project "TG-IRI160006" and click "Next" 
  3. Enter the new user's PORTAL USERNAME and click "Search" (if the username doesn't exist, report it back to the requester and you can't continue) 
  4. Select "No" next to "Is this person a Co-PI?" 
  5. Select "TeraGrid" next to "Select XSEDE Resources" 
  6. Click the "Add User" button. 
  7. Click the "Submit Users" button. 
  8. Review the page and click "SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL" 

Step 2: Notify the User

Reply-all to the ticket e-mail indicating that the request has been submitted, and that it will take two business days to process.