Mission Statement

The Requirements Analysis and Capability Delivery (RACD) team prepares and supports software and services that: 1) enable user access to and use of XSEDE federated infrastructure, and 2) enable infrastructure and service providers to federate with XSEDE. Starting from XSEDE prioritized user requirements (use cases) RACD coordinates the engineering work necessary to integrate software and services into production at SPs and campuses, as XSEDE central services, as external vendor services, or on user personal systems.  RACD uses engineering best practices and tools, works with external vendors and software partners to minimize integration cost to XSEDE, and aims to maximize ROI to XSEDE and the NSF.

Goals, Metrics & KPIs







Team Members

JP NavarroUniv. of Chicago/Argonne Nat. Lab.Manager, Requirements Analysis Engineer, and Integration Engineernavarro@mcs.anl.gov
Shava SmallenSDSCDeputy Manager, Evaluation/Testing Coordinatorssmaller@ucsd.edu
Lee LimingUniv. of ChicagoRequirements Analysis Engineerliming@uchicago.edu
Jim BasneyNCSARequirements Analysis Engineer, Lead Security Designerjbasney@illinois.edu


Venkat YekkiralaNCSASecurity Engineervyekkira@illinois.edu
Eric BlauUniv. of Chicago/Argonne Nat. Lab.Integration & Information Services Engineerblau@mcs.anl.gov
Rob LightPSCInformation Services Engineerlight@psc.edu
Galen ArnoldNCSAEvaluation/testing engineergwarnold@illinois.edu
Paul HooverSDSCEvaluation/testing engineerphoover@sdsc.edu
Scott SakaiSDSCEvaluation/testing engineerssakai@sdsc.edu
Susan LitzingerPSCEvaluation/testing engineersusan@psc.edu
Derek SimmelPSCEvaluation/testing engineerdsimmel@psc.edu
Peter EnstromNCSAEvaluation/testing engineerenstrom@ncsa.illinois.edu

Communication & Meetings

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New Staff Orientation

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