Mission Statement

External Relations’ (ER) mission is to communicate the value and importance of XSEDE to all stakeholders (including the internal audience) through creative and strategic communications.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Project Level KPITargetSub-goal Supported
Percent increase in social media impressions over time20/yrRaise awareness of the value of advanced digital services.


ER (L2) KPITargetSub-goal Supported
Number of XSEDE-related social media impressions360,000/yrDeepen/ Extend — Raise awareness of the value of advanced digital services
Number of XSEDE-related media hits165/yrDeepen/ Extend — Raise awareness of the value of advanced digital services

ER Other Metric TrackedTarget
Monthly open and click-through rates of XSEDE's newsletter

Open: 32%

Click-through: 3%

Hannah RemmertNCSAER Managerhremmer2@illinois.edu
Ken ChiacchiaPSCScience Writerchiacchi@psc.edu
Steve DuensingNCSAVisual Communications Managersduensin@illinois.edu
Leslie FroeschlNCSAProject Managerlfroesch@illinois.edu
Boswell HutsonNCSASocial Mediahutson2@illinois.edu
Megan JaneskiNCSADesignermjaneski@illinois.edu
Faith SingerTACCScience Writerfaith@tacc.utexas.edu

Jan Zverina

SDSCScience Writerjzverina@sdsc.edu

Communication & Meetings

Monthly ER team meetings occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3pm ET.

Meeting Coordinates

Meeting Agendas and Notes

WBS 2.6.2 - ER Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/0B16f9Te7wFwmV1BqYjVWRFpWOTQ

Frequently Used Planning Resources

2019 XSEDE ER Plans

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XSEDE Communications Rubric

XSEDE Photo Release Form

2018 XSEDE Highlights Book/Promotional Materials Request Form