Discussion items

3minPY9 PlanningScott
  • Scott checked statements of work. 
    • Next is to take info from financial sheets and match with PY9 plan sheet. 
    • Then the +/- 5% activity comes after that.
3minXQM logistics/agendaVictor
  • Victor, Tim, Alex, Jim, Gary, Scott, Greg, Mike will be attending. 
2minPlan for one-on-one meetingsVictor/Scott
  • Going to start with DTS
2minPlan for Ops All-hands meetingVictor
  • Victor mentioned we are going to do this at PEARC and have Ops staff onsite and remote participate
5minCybersecurity itemsVictor
  • SSO hub recommendations completed (done)
  • Update on requested (TACC) call for any changes to XSEDE Trust Group call

  • Jim gave a description of the reason for this request to the group and the results.

    • The results was that the group felt that the format is good and provides value for this short weekly meeting.

4min XSEDE Ops tickets review (and other XSEDE tickets)Victor
  • Gary discussed this. 
    • The KPI change recently from 24 hours to 16. 
    • Last reporting period we hit 23 hours so did not meet target. 
    • Gary mentioned some of the reasons for this was not closing the ticket in a timely fashion even though it is resolved.  
1minOps submission(s) to PEARCVictor
  • No one mentioned any XSEDE Ops publications submissions
2minDuo purge and NICS VM HW order statusGreg 
4minMgr coordination-
  • Jim had a question on the website review. 
    • What is the process for changing content on the website. 
    • Ticket to and mention who to route it to.
  • Scott mentioned a new XSEDE security person hired at NICS. He is onboarding him.  
    • Jim mentioned groups and mailing lists he should be added to

Action items