January 23, 2018

Dear new reviewer ,

It is with great pleasure for XSEDE to extend the invitation for you to become a member of our XSEDE Resource Allocation Committee(XRAC).   We would welcome your participation with the other 40 or so scientific specialists that already make up our committee that is entrusted with the responsibility of recommending the very best research projects to use the unique and in demand resources that the XRAC allocates. 

The XRAC convenes quarterly at different locations around the United States, meeting for a day and a half, starting on Sunday afternoon and finishing late Monday afternoon.  We ask the XRAC member for a three-year commitment and to attend at least 3 of the 4 quarterly meetings.   An XRAC member may be asked to review up to 10 proposals that are aligned with the area of expertise of the XRAC member.

With being part of the XRAC, travel is necessary, however, these expenses are covered by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center(PSC)/Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) as we are the XSEDE Site Provider that oversees this function for the NSF funded XSEDE program.  The following expenses will be reimbursed, airfare or any other approved transportation, hotels, meals, ground transportation, Internet access, and mileage for use of personal transportation.  We have an agent to assist with airfare arrangements, as for hotel arrangements; this is handled by the XSEDE Allocations staff.  All reimbursements will require receipts with reimbursement being handled by the PSC/CMU financial affairs office. 

We look forward to you joining the XRAC and hope the experience is as fulfilling as we know your participation and guidance as a reviewer will be for us.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Ken Hackworth

XSEDE Allocations Manager



The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is the most advanced, powerful, and robust collection of integrated advanced digital resources and services in the world. It is a single virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data, and expertise. XSEDE accelerates scientific discovery by enhancing the productivity of researchers, engineers, and scholars by deepening and extending the use of XSEDE’s ecosystem of advanced digital services and by advancing and sustaining the XSEDE advanced digital infrastructure. XSEDE is a five-year, $121-million project and is supported by the National Science Foundation.