The XRAC needs YOU!

Are you looking for a way to engage with your colleagues and serve the national research community? The XSEDE Resource Allocations Committee (XRAC) comprises around 40 computational experts from many fields who review requests for allocations on the NSF-funded research computing portfolio of resources and services.

Who we are

XSEDE is the NSF program charged with providing user and operational services to the NSF-supported cyberinfrastructure environment. We provide a range of services that are more cost effective and efficient to staff and deliver centrally.  

The allocations process is one such service. The XRAC is a panel of experts who review allocation requests for use of many of the premiere computational systems devoted to open science research by the national research community. Because researchers from any field of science or engineering can request allocations through XSEDE, the XRAC must span a wide range of research domains.

Why you should join

By joining XRAC, you have the chance to provide a valuable service to XSEDE, the NSF, and the national scientific community. You will have quarterly opportunities to interact with colleagues, XSEDE staff, and staff from the sites that operate the resources at seasonally advantageous locations. You’ll gain insight into the allocations process and how to craft successful requests.

How it works

The XRAC meets quarterly—typically the first week of March, June, September (or the week before Labor Day), and December. Each member may receive up to 10 review assignments in advance of the face-to-face meeting. The meetings start with dinner Sunday evening and finish Monday afternoon.

XRAC members serve three-year terms and agree to attend at least three meetings per year. (You’re welcome to attend all four!) By joining XRAC, you are still eligible to submit your own allocation request. In that case, the meeting to which your request is submitted is the one you would not attend that year.

What we provide

Serving on the XRAC is an all-expenses-paid venture. XSEDE pays transportation, meals, lodging, and approved expenses. XSEDE can also help coordinate your travel. The dedicated and tireless XSEDE allocations staff provide all logistical and other on-site support for XRAC meetings and work to ensure that the meetings run smoothly.

How to volunteer

We may have some openings on the XRAC now, and we are always looking for candidates for future openings as they come up. You need to be an expert in computational science or the application of computing to a particular domain. Most XRAC members are university faculty, but we also have representatives from national labs, non-profit research labs, and industry.

If you’re interested or just want to know more, contact Ken Hackworth, .