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  • Broadening Participation - Workforce Development Call Notes

CEE Broadening Participation and Workforce Development

07/15/2021 Call Notes


Participants: Linda Akli, Jay Alameda, Sue Fratkin, Rosie Gomez, John Holly, Dawn Hunter, Susan Mehringer, Aaron Weeden


Agenda and Action Items:


  1. Admin Reminders
    1. Risk Register review needed by 7/31.
    2. IPR15 L3 Input due 8/3 so text due to Akli by 8/1 and metrics by 8/2
    3. Quarterly meeting 8/31 – September 1 st , look for the request for topics.
    4. CEE-BP-WD Social event scheduled for 7/15 at 6:30pm ET. John will send reminder and updated spreadsheet for dinner delivery service preferences.


  1. Broadening Participation
    1. C4C Student Programs – Dawn
      1. Hybrid format still being determined. Committee project no international attendees and 70% attendance.
      2. Facilities include use of tutorial rooms. The lightning talks will not be on the exhibit floor. All other programs found that too distracting. C4C staff considered it successful.
      3. Currently 45 applications in various stages of completions. Many students have completed the personal data but haven’t completed the open-ended questions. Some indicate returning and others don’t. Dawn will be doing follow-up on. The applications close early August.
      4. Some discussion of assessing the state of travel including hotel and airport protocols and identify potential impacts and planning adjustments. Hotels are not providing housekeeping during multi-day stays. Those who have traveled to date have seen variations by state for breakfast buffet services, limited food court and options at airports. Missouri may have the more lenient regulations, but we may need to consider program protocols for student, mentor, and staff safety.
    2. BP Hackathons updates – John Holly for Je’aime Powell
      1. Summer 2021 – preceding PEARC21 – completed. XSEDE provided all mentors with PEARC21 registration. Videos and information on the event is located at .
      2. Fall 2021 – HPC in the City @SC21   - planning and preparations are in progress.
    3. ACSC Regional Student Workshops – Rosie, Linda, Dawn, and John to meet on planning to make sure budget request at TACC and SURA include adequate funds for travel, catering, and participant support. Only location confirmed is Pacific but how it will be delivered is still to be determined. There are logistics between the various islands to be considered such as the small number of flights and significant time zone differences.
  2. Communications
    1. Promotion of Upcoming BP-WD Education, Student, and Training Events


  1. Conferences
    1. PEARC21 Virtually July 18–22, 2021. - HackHPC report see above. Terminology Birds of a Feather see below and Education workshop. Many other XSEDE staff contributing to the tutorials, workshops, and panels.
    2. TAPIA September 14 – 18, 2021. - Decision not to invest in sponsorship based on last year’s low return on investment.
    3. vGHC21 September 26 - 29, 2021. - No XSEDE action for this conference. It will be virtual. Linda supported by reviewing student scholarship applications.
    4. SC21 – Participation across CEE with C4C, HPC in the City Hackathon and participation on the Inclusivity and Student Programs Committees.
    5. SACNAS National Conference October 28 – 30, 2021, Kansas City, Missouri.   - Decision not to invest in sponsorship based on last year’s low return on investment.
    6. Emerging Researchers National Conference, February 2022 – expected to be in-person. 


  1. Education
    1. ACSC Curriculum Development – no updates
    2. ACSC Faculty Workshops – rescheduled AUCC workshop to August and now open to any faculty. Needs some promotion. Only 3 people are registered.
    3. Computational Chemistry for Educators – completed and stipends being issues over the next couple of weeks.
    4. Computational thinking Series – first sessions complete. Subsequent session rescheduled due to illness.


  1. EMPOWER - Aaron
    1. Current summer cohort of 27 progressing well.
    2. Fall cohort received sixty-six student applications and 46 projects submissions. Highest number of projects to date. Aaron will be sending out the request for fall cohort application reviewers.
    3. Spring 2022 Cohort applications are open with closing date to be determined.
    4. As noted previously, there will not be a Summer 2022 cohort as we prepare to close down XSEDE activities.


  1. Terminology Task Force - Susan
    1. Terminology BoF @PEARC21. Susan sent 7 invitations for lighting talks and received 2 acceptances. Reminded Linda to send request to Juan Gilbert, chair of the ACM Words Matters Initiative.
    2. Training for SP forum scheduled for August 5 and will be presented by Jay and Sue. 


  1. Training – Susan
    1. Staff transitions include Jason Allision at TACC; Cindy Wong replacing Jeff Sales from SDSC.
    2. Susan is working with Tim Cockrill of TACC as we plan to onboard the Jason Allison replacement and allow access to the Training Administration system.