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Canonical Meeting Template (as a reminder):

1. Review of meeting agenda
2. Addressing issues

  • Description/Status of issue
  • Review of action items from previous meetings if any
  • Recommended actions and discussion of same
  • Close issue or identify next action items

3. Status updates from SMT members

  • Status update on significant activities
  • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)


1. Review of Meeting Agenda: Any comments/additions? 


2. XSEDE2 Reporting (Scott Wells


  • Previous discussion archived: SMT Meeting - September 27, 2018
  • (9/27) John confirming dates for the remainder of the year.
  • (9/27) Risk Review in two weeks.
  • (9/28) Proposed XSEDE2 reporting schedule reviewed by John and sent to the SMT for review and approval.
  • (10/11) Provide more time for completion & avoid conflicts. 
    • Will require an update to PEP. 
    • John has informed Bob that this is coming. 
    • IPR7 work will occur during SC18, but most of the difficulty will fall to John
  • (10/11) Decision to move forward with the proposed new schedule. 
  • (10/25) IPR7 commences on Nov. 1. Changes to this IPR from previous ones include:
    • L2 sections should provide updates on any management changes (L2 director, L3 manager, PM change).
    • L2 section highlights that you want moved up to project level highlight, please highlight this in the template.  Ron will then pull from that for the project level highlights. High impact things. 
  • (11/8) Positive feedback from PMs re. reporting process thus far. Deeper dive into submitted content next week.  Please continue to be responsive to PMs as they try to resolve any issues/questions
  • (12/20) IPRI commences on Feb. 1. 
    • Annual report will be due May 15.
    • NSF review: dry run Monday, June 10. Review June 11-13. 
  • (1/17) Reporting period is coming up in 2 weeks. Risk review notifications will come out next week.
  • (1/31) IPR8 reporting process begins tomorrow. 
    • PY9 Planning begins Feb. 11. 
  • (2/14) IPR8 Copyedits were completed yesterday. John has started his review. 
    • PY9 planning is underway. Plans are due today. Budget info will be added tomorrow.  
  • (3/14) All planning text due to PMs on 3/28. L2s and L3s should be finalizing information to submit for that.


  • All PY9 Planning content is due to the PMs today. Thus all L3s and L2s should have their parts done and in the PMs hands by CoB today.
  • As a result of discussions at the QM earlier this month, there is a larger volume of PCRs coming in than usual. We are working through those, but please be patient as we wrangle PCRs and Planning efforts simultaneously.




Around the call updates

Follow this basic outline:

  • Status update on significant activities
  • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of recent improvements implemented

Updates from SMT members:

  • PI (John/Ron) -  
    • Didn't meet with Bob this week.
    • As part of authorization to spend for current PY and in lieu of midterm review, there was a condition to provide short form version of IPR7 (Section 1 of IPR with a bit of added text, pointer to full report) to Bob to put into system. John got this to him today. 
  • CEE (Kelly) -   
    • Training registration now has code of conduct check box that people must agree to in order to register for training
    • Working with Leslie on metrics dashboard UI interfaces
    • ORCiD ID info went out so hope to see bump in people adding this info to their profile. 
  • ECSS (Bob S/Phil) -  
    • Bob: working on PIF for ECSS staff training. Survey is ready to go that will go out Monday to gauge staff interest in various types of training. 
    • Plan to talk to Maytal, Dave about freshening definition of educational request. Tends to be class-centric currently. Seeing unique requests coming in (i.e., undergrad supercomputing club)
  • XCI (Dave L/Craig) -
    •  No update
  • Ops (Greg/Victor) -  
    •  Have done purge of Duo users and are way under license users (about 3800). Will implement policy to purge inactive users to keep licenses down.
    • In contact with Duo to get license for last 2 years of XSEDE. 
  • RAS (Dave H/Ken) -
    •  PSC is going live with XRAS for local allocations on April 1
    • Submissions for June XRAC are ongoing. Tracking SP comments separately for the first time. 
  • Program Office (Ron/Leslie) - 
    • Reminder: XAB face-to-face meeting. April 16 (dinner); meeting 8am-4pm Chicago time on April 17. 
      • As you complete content for PY9, generate slide versions of that for the XAB meeting
    • Reminder: Record improvements:
    • Reminder: Enter Publications in XUP and documents in IDEALS
    • Reminder: Reference collaborations in tracking worksheet:
    • PIF window never closes and funds can be accepted anytime
      • L2s asked to encourage their teams to submit ideas 
    • Annual review is June 11-13, 2019. (dry run on June 10)
      • Agenda should look similar to last year's review. 
      • Everyone should plan to be there for the evening of June 12 in case there is homework that night. John will present responses on Thursday but others aren't required to stay for the responses on Thursday morning. 
  • SP Forum (Ruth) - No update
  • UAC (Emre) - 
    • Dhruva Chakravorty accepted membership to UAC.
    • Meeting coming up on April 11. 
  • NSF (Bob C) - 

Next Meeting: 

  • SMT - April 11, 2019 


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