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  • 20190306- Staff Climate Study Follow Up Requests & 2019 Instrument Review
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Action Items:

Due Date
ECSS focus groupReview Staff Climate Study to identify questions for focus group at PEARC19Robert SinkovitsMay 2019
Champions focus groupsReview Champions Climate Study to identify questions for focus groups at PEARC19Marisa BrazilMay 2019


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • ECSS plans to have a staff session at PEARC19 to be followed by a focus group with staff and the evaluation team. 
  • Bob will review the ECSS Climate Study data to identify any questions they would like the evaluation team to discuss
  • Marisa will review the Champions Climate Study Report to identify any areas for follow up with focus groups at PEARC19. 
  • Evaluation team will plan to conduct multiple focus groups with champions at PEARC19. Champions can sign up in advance for their preferred time. In the past this was done with signupgenius. 
  • Kelly - can we go back and look at how demographics have evolved among staff? It would be nice to capture how this has evolved over the course of the project.
  • Lizanne/evaluation is willing to work on this with John. Data sources would include - climate study, portal data, etc.
  • Kelly/Linda - curious about cultural competency and culturally responsive pedagogy in computational and data science. Can this be something the evaluation team investigates at PEARC?-Yes. Can discuss this with the ACSC faculty (5) and anyone interested.
  • Susan - focus group with training users - all trainers not just the core training group. 
  • Lizanne - consider a trainer focus group since they will likely all be present. 
  • John is planning on having an XSEDE staff meeting on the last afternoon as usual.
  • Follow up with JP Navarro about "Service Catalog" evaluation.  


After meeting

  • Jay Alameda consider a Champion Fellow Mentor focus group with ECSS staff






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