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  • Language for XCRI Collaborations (letters of collab signed by PI Towns)
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Information about Collaborating with XSEDE at:


What I have been providing groups interested in getting letters of collaboration with XCRI for inclusion in their proposal:


The NSF-funded XSEDE project provides assistance in integrating
cyberinfrastructure resources on campus and helping them adopt best
practices of national cyberinfrastructure. The XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure
Resource Integration (XCRI) team is available to provide
training/documentation, software packages, and on-site consulting visits
to assist with integrating campus clusters. Our project team will work
closely with XCRI to plan system implementation and configuration to
meet the needs of our users. XCRI works closely with campuses it
supports but ensures that knowledge transfer on software and
configurations are made to bolster the abilities of staff supporting the
resource. Our team will join with the community of adopters of XCRI
software in order to continue support activities and develop expertise
among our own staff.
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