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  • Remind folks of the XQM tomorrow and Thursday

  • Review Ops presentations for XQM (Climate survey, Hybrid cloud, etc.)

  • XSEDE Publication Initiative for Ops.   Staff can start turning in ideas for topics for papers.
  • Mgr Coordination

Discussion items

1 minXQM reminderVictor

Reminded everyone about the XQM this week, which is remote

7 minReview the Ops presentation for the XQMVictorDiscussed the Ops presentation at the XQM
2 minXSEDE Publication InitiativeVictorBriefly discussed the initiative. Mgrs asked to cover this with their groups.
10 minMgr. coordination  

Announced that Alex Withers will be replacing Adam as Security co-lead.

  • Alex is at NCSA
  • Need to onboard him
  Tim DTS working with Univ of Colorado as a potential pilot project; waiting on Univ Colorado currently
  VictorDiscussed some staffing issues at TACC (Security & DTS) and NCSA (Security)

Discussed review of XSEDE user survey instrument for next meeting

Discussed looking at XOC user satisfaction survey


Action items