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Action Items:

Due Date
PIF announcement QMA-326 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Remind people about availability of PIF program & let them know they could go longer than a year.

Ron Payne 


Notes/ Discussion items:

Expenditures by subawards

  • Some have underspent on their budget
  • Asked for report that looks at underspend by WBS area. 
  • This may mean there is some shifting of budget between institutions.  It would be reallocating funds among L2 area.
  • Underspend in RAS, but not at NCAR so Dave isn't aware. So the underspend by other institutions in RAS could be reallocated to NCAR for RAS.
  • Separate from asking for PIF funds. Will allow L2s to make decisions about how budgets are applied. This is not changing future budgets for any sub. 
  • Think about what gaps you have that might be able to be filled by unspent budget that is available. 
  • Need data broken down by WBS–Holly to have this done by end of this week. 

PIF funds

  • In PY8 only 4 submissions, all of which have been supported.  0 submissions since then.
  • Need to remind people about this opportunity
  • Spending PIF in PY9 & 10 would be unusual–why improve program in PY9 & 10? 10 would be more problematic, so no PIF funds in 10 (depending on what it is). 
  • Activities that might stretch longer–even if goes towards end of program. 
  • Set up as 1 year deal so we don't lock up $ throughout project/allow more flexibility. Weren't sure what the response would be to this, and if we have a lot of applications want to be able to fund multiple. Instead we're sitting without any coming in.
  • Supportive of longer term PIF. 
  • Remind people about availability & let them know they could go longer than a year. Need to be careful we don't over-allocate from available funds. 


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