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Notes/ Discussion items:


IPR7 was submitted on time, thank you all!  Because of SC18, there were some glitches with people's availability, but it was minor.

For future reports please : 

  • Use "report period" instead of "quarter"
  • Italicize resource names 
  • Consult the style guide available in the wiki :  XSEDE Style Guide for the Interim Project Reports (IPR)
    find it at Staff wiki > Project Execution > Schedule and Instructions for Project reports and Annual  Program Plans > 


IPR8 will cover November 2018 through January 2019 and is due on Feb. 21.  Note that L2/L3 text is due on Feb. 7.

Risk review:  All risks were reviewed, thanks to all! Four were triggered.

PY9 Planning and PY8 Annual Report

Planning follows immediately after IPR8 is turned in.  Planning for PY9 due April 9.  Annual report for PY8 due May 17.


Twelve PCRs submitted this period.  Several were related to L3 changes.  Eight have been approved, four still awaiting disposition.  PCR process is being migrated to JIRA. Testing is underway and it should be in production in a few weeks.

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