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    • ·        Review of any draft transition plan statements from L3 Managers
    • ·        Reminder of next report for the past reporting period which I think ends today
    • ·        Reminder we have Greg’s permission and support to remove old inactive Duo users (this has come up twice this week in other discussions)
    • ·        Manager coordination

Discussion items

3 minReview of any draft transition plan statementsVictor/Mike

Reviewed XOC draft transition plan document from Mike

2 minReminder of next reportScott

Reminder to take the report template and fill out for the past reporting period (past three months), also perform the risk review for your area.

3 minReminder we have Greg’s permission and support to remove old inactive Duo usersVictor/Gary

Short discussion on getting the Duo user count under 5000

10 minManager coordination 
  • Potential mailing list problem.
    • Gary checked with folks on using the mailing list last week.  
    • Scott sent the group meeting announcement but it doesn’t look like it made it out.
  • AWS instances costs for XRAS and XDCDB.  
    • We are looking at prepaying for this 3 years.  Need the costs and should be able to find it in the non-FTE budget spreadsheet    
  • Tim mentioned trying to get information and engagement from Internet2.
    • Tim is going to send an email to ChristianT at Internet2 and copy Victor and Tabitha.  Stay tuned on this
  • Scott announced that Randy Butler will be Interim-XSO and Cybersecurity co-lead
  • Julie brought up that survey results are available for the XOC survey and DTS micro-survey.
    • Gary, in subsequent discussion, discussed that users only get a survey for ticket satisfaction the first time they send a ticket.

Action items