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  • Toolkits
    • Containers in progress- Jodie has been working with initial software packages - containers to go into Community Software Repository
    • Ansible toolkits testing before broader distribution to folks for testing
    • Virtual Toolkits updatds
  • Site visits
    • Doane site visit next week. Rick McMullen ride-along
    • (Possible Prairie View A&M - Rick)
  • Outreach
    • Symposium at - received ok
      • Osiris project using Co-Manage
    • SC18 - 
      • workshop in Ed ok, sys pro's workshop declined
      • postcard at XSEDE booth - we can cross-pollinate
      • Meetings w/ Tom Cheatham - others?
  • SP Forum
    • SP Forum continues to shuffle things around in terms of levels
    • Victor pursuing annual checklists
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