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  • 20180828- KPIs for Effective & Productive Virtual Organization sub-goal
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Recording recommendations QMA-289 - Getting issue details... STATUS Only enter formal recommendations
User Engagement Recommendations via Portal QMA-290 - Getting issue details... STATUS Recommendations via Portal from User Engagement are not included in Recommendations addressed

Action Items:

Due Date
Tracking Recommendations QMA-291 - Getting issue details... STATUS Move recommendations to JIRA for trackingLaura 
User Advisory formal recommendation QMA-292 - Getting issue details... STATUS User Advisory needs to create a formal recommendationEmre 
Formalize Description of Recommendations metric QMA-293 - Getting issue details... STATUS Alter Description of Recommendations metric to be formal recommendations; this should be a project-level KPI not L2Laura 
Update description of recommendations QMA-294 - Getting issue details... STATUS

1) Include Champion feedback via User Advisory Forum

2) Include User Survey in Description

3) Include XRAC in Description

4) Potentially include Champions survey in Description

5) "Using formally-submitted recommendations such as......"

Adding categorization menu QMA-295 - Getting issue details... STATUS Addressing should have categorization menu: implemented, outside of funding scope, inconsistent w/XSEDE mission, etc.Laura 
Address Timing Issues QMA-296 - Getting issue details... STATUS

1) address within 90 days and whether or not counted

2) make annual rather than quarterly


Define how to measure effective & productive virtual organization

QMA-297 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • use climate study numbers: decision making, equity, etc.
  • define effective and productive and provide examples

Analyze mean rating of importance of XSEDE resources and services

QMA-298 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Analyze mean rating of importance of XSEDE resources and services to researcher productivity and Percentage of allocated users...define resources vs. services internally. Focus on what is uniquely XSEDE...from the perspective of the researcher vs. internal to the projectLizanne 


Notes/ Discussion items:

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