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Requested Sessions

Please submit any requested agenda items via the XSEDE Quarterly Topic Request form

All requested agenda topics can be seen HERE.


XSEDE Quarterly Meeting Action Items and Decision Recording


Meeting Registration:



    • Monday, August 27th at 5:00pm CDT through Wednesday, August 29th at noon CDT
    • Please plan to attend the entire meeting through noon CDT Wednesday, which means a 2pm CDT or later flight on Wednesday.


Embassy Suites by Hilton Chicago O'Hare Rosemont

5500 North River Rd. 
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 678-4000


Hotel Reservations:

Email Amber Moore specifying your arrival date and departure date no later than NOON on Friday, August 10th

Block closes Friday, August 10


    • Hotel is 1 mile from O'Hare airport
    • Hotel Shuttle - Free
      • Pickup is at Hotel Bus-Shuttle Center (Door #3)
    • Taxi – $12 (one-way) – 10 Minutes
    • Uber – $10 (one-way) – 10 Minutes

Agenda (Final)

Monday, August 27th

Plenary sessions will be held in Walden

Remote Coordinates provided via email



Time (CDT)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/Decisions
Plenary A5:00 PM5 minWelcomeLead: John T 
Plenary B5:05 PM25 minPM&R UpdateLead: Karla G

Scott W

PM&R Update

Plenary C5:30 PM90 mins

XSEDE Staff Climate Study Results

ppt version / pdf version

Lead: Lizanne DLorna R / Julie W
Dinner7:00 PM60 minsIn Salon EF  
Tuesday, August 28th

Plenary and parallel A sessions will be held in Salon D

Parallel B sessions will be held in Salon C

Remote Coordinates provided via email 



Time (CDT)DurationTopic (presentation link)



Breakfast7:00 AM60 minsIn Atrium Grove  
Plenary D8:00 AM30 minsXDMoD UpdateLead: Tom FTBD
Parallel 1A8:30 AM60 minsKPIs for Effective & Productive Virtual Organization sub-goalLead: Lizanne D
Attendees: John T, L2s, SP&E, Laura H
Lorna R
Parallel 1B <open>  
Parallel 2A9:30 AM60 minsDraft Transition PlanLead: John T
Attendees: L2s & L3s
Laura H
Parallel 2B <open>  
Break10:30 AM15 mins   
Parallel 3A10:45 AM60 minsStaff Evaluation Team Results and RecommendationsLead: Ron P
Attendees: SMT members, Dana B, Lorna R, Julie W, Rich K, Karla G
Parallel 3B <open>  
Lunch11:45 PM45 minsIn Atrium Grove  
Parallel 4A12:30 PM60 minsRDR Future Work DiscussionLead: Dave H / JP N
Attendees: Shava S, Ester S, Victor H, Shawn S
Sonia N
Parallel 4B60 minsComputing4Change Curriculum DevelopmentLead: Kelly G
Attendees: Kate C, Rosie G, Marques B, Jennifer H, Aaron W, Susan M
Linda A
Parallel 5A1:30 PM60 minsSPF TopicsLead: John T / Shawn S
Attendees: Dave H, Greg P, Victor H, Dana B
Parallel 5B60 minsECSS Adaptive ReviewsLead: Bob S
Attendees: Phil B, ECSS L3s; Ken H
Karla G / Marques B
Break2:30 PM15 mins   
Parallel 6A2:45 PM60 minsXSEDE Developer Coordination CouncilLead: Ester S
Attendees: Dave H, JP N, Maytal D, Gary R, Shava S.
Sonia N
Parallel 6B30 minsTraining update: Roadmaps, YouTubeLead: Susan M
Attendees: All interested
Kate C
Parallel 7A
3:45 PM
60 mins"Users Citing XSEDE" KPI followup/resolutionLead: Lizanne
Attendees: John T, Ron P, Laura H, Dave H, Ester S
Lorna R & Julie W
Parallel 7B60 minsCommunity Building in ECSSLead: Bob S / Phil B
Attendees: ECSS L3s & PMs, Dana B, Henry N, Marisa B, Jeff P
Karla G / Marques B
Parallel 8A
4:45 PM
30 mins<open>


Parallel 8B30 minsECSS PI SurveysLead: Bob S / Phil B
Attendees: ECSS L3s, PMs, Eval Team
Karla G / Marques B
Close5:15 PM Tuesday Close  
Wednesday, August 29th

Plenary and parallel A sessions will be held in Salon D

Parallel B sessions will be held in Salon C

Remote Coordinates provided via email



(Skype link)

Time (CDT)DurationTopic (presentation link)



Breakfast7:00 AM60 minsIn Atrium GroveN/AN/A
Parallel 9A
8:00 AM
60 minsCode of Conduct Quarterly Meeting.pdfLead: Linda A
Attendees: Lizanne D, Ken H, Mike P, Marisa B, Susan M., Chris H, Ron P
Dana B
Parallel 9B <open>  
Parallel 10A
9:00 AM
60 minsECSS Focus GroupLead: Bob S / Phil B
Attendees: ECSS L3s & PMs, Eval team
Karla G / Marques B
Parallel 10B XSEDE Technical Report Series Discussion

Lead: Laura H
Attendees: Victor H, Craig S

Ron P
Break10:00 AM15 mins N/AN/A
Parallel 11A
10:15 AM
30 mins
Campus Champions: Evaluation, Affiliates, & International InterestLead: Dana B
Attendees: John T, Kelly G, Bob S, Jay A, Eval team
Marisa B
Parallel 11B30 mins<open>  
Parallel 12A
10:45 AM
60 mins
XSEDE Data Transfer Services in the National ContextLead: Tim B
Attendees: All interested
Scott W
Parallel 12b IBC Market AnalysisLead: Kristin W / Hannah R
Attendees: Available L2s
Leslie F
Close11:45 PM Meeting CloseN/AN/A

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