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Shifting Risk Review QMA-282 - Getting issue details... STATUS Was presented to entire group to shift the review to lessen the burden of all processes due at end of reporting period.Maintain status quo
Changes to reports QMA-283 - Getting issue details... STATUS John wants L2s to provide a couple of bullets of highlights/trends for a "story" in the Project SummaryL2s to provide appropriate bullets

Action Items:

Due Date
Add time to reporting process QMA-284 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Following the extension for IPR6, the group and John was queried about carrying the extra time forward for future IPRs. John will make the request to Bob, but John wants the PM group to check the dates for all forthcoming IPRs so we have a set schedule

Leslie M., KarlaSept. 15, 2018
URLs/Links in report QMA-285 - Getting issue details... STATUS No clear direction on how to include links and URLs in the report (format and content). Content is knowing what to link. Karla to talk to John. Karla, Leslie F.Sept 30, 2018


Notes/ Discussion items:

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