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Agenda items

  • PEARC Round-Up
    • Multiple nice showings
    • Site visit possibilities - University of Kentucky, Old Dominion University
  • XSEDE Quarterly Report update
    • Pretty much done - Rich will circulate after L2 edits
  • Toolkit updates
    • campus queue - in the process w/ Lee & RACD / on the way to CDP's at the moment
    • Possible toolkits: SP RDR facilitation, Dan Voss' work with CometCeption
  • Site Visit
    • Doane University (JupyterHub & Container) - HPC Build in winter times - working through XCBC (leading to some bugfixes)
  • Outreach
    • Abstract for Workshop on best practices in Education for HPC Training (Nitin Sukhija) - Demo of virtual clusters
      • Mohammed also submitted abstract to this
    • Keep eyes open for outreach activities
  • Fellows
    • Separate Fellow meeting to start planning (Rich will coordinate & provide materials on previous fellowship activities)
  • Other items 


  • Eric Coulter
  • Rob Quick
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Mohammed Tanash
  • Deb Nigra

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