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  • PY8 equipment budgeting
  • perfSONAR equipment quotes for PSC
  • New risks for XDCDB move to the AWS cloud
  • Incorporating NIST security standards
  • Mgr Coordination

Discussion items

5 min

PY8 equipment budgeting


Need written plan for the XES hybrid cloud (Gary). 

    • This is also tied to the equipment budget for PY8 (anyone that takes PY8 funding for equipment has to agree to the plan, which involves having XSEDE admin have access to the VMWare servers) 
3 min

New risks for XDCDB move to the AWS cloud


Mgrs need to think about this and come up with any new risks for the risk register on moving the XDCDB to AWS.

    • Gary has some ideas on this. 
10 min

Incorporating NIST security standards


High level discussion on incorporating NIST security standards (NIST 800-53, 800-171) into XSEDE security guidance.

    • We discussed that SDSC is reviewing 800-171 and identify which security requirements would be appropriate for our environment. 
    • Victor mentioned that 800-171 is more for sensitive information related to DoD work (800-171 comes from the DFARS 252.204.7210 regulation) and focuses on confidentiality.
    • Discussed that 800-53 might be considered for application to the XES environment. 
    • The goal of this for the future is to be responsive to the NSF reviewer comment about using NIST standards and be able in the future to say that XES follows a particular NIST guidlines to the extent appropriate to our environment. 
    • We can discuss this further in the future.
1 minMgr coordinationJimJim reminded everyone of the XSEDE all hands meeting at PEARC Thursday July 23 1:30-3pm
1 min Julie Please remind the XSEDE staff to take the XSEDE climate survey by Friday.  The email should have come from

Action items