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  • PEARC activities
    • Tutorial - dry run next week
    • Workshop presentation on XNIT - Rich will present
    • SP Forum - Victor will contact Shawn about a meeting, possibly we can bring up campus tools for L3's
    • Champions Fellows panel presentation by Dan
  • Outreach opportunities
    • Current: PEARC, SC workshop, Gateways tutorial
    • Future: GPN, Rob Q brought up int'l schools/workshops (possibility of funding via request to Ron & Program Office, or through NSF PIRE)
  • Toolkit developments - singularity container documentation?
    • Package folks to test pull requests for singularity devs
  • Champions Fellows updates
    • Dan Voss to head to NE next week after bureaucratic pains
    • New Champion at PEARC, we should be in touch and do some handover/discussion
  • SP Forum updates
    • 3 new SP's: SIU (one of ours!), University of Missouri-Columbia, Bioburst SDSC
    • Some discussion about multiple SP reps from one institution...






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