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Executive Summary of Meeting

Wed, 6/20 – 12-1PM ET | 11am-12pm CT | 10-11am MT | 9-10am PT


PRESENT (tick)/(error)
XAB Members 
Karin Remington (Chair)(tick)
Randy Bryant(tick)
Thomas Cheatham(tick)
Toni Collis(tick)
Rama Govindaraju(error)
Cliff Jacobs(tick)
Albert Lazzarini(error)
Phil Maechling(tick)
Shaowen Wang(tick)
Theresa Windus(tick)
Service Provider Forum 

Shawn Strande


David Hancock

Dana Brunson(error)
User Advisory Committee 
Emre Brookes(tick)
XSEDE Staff 
John Towns(tick)
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr(error)
Kelly Gaither(error)
David Lifka(error)
David Hart(tick)
Philip Blood(tick)
Robert Sinkovits(tick)
Sergiu Sanielevici(tick)
Gregory Peterson(tick)
Ron Payne(tick)
Jennifer Houchins(error)
Laura T. Herriott(tick)
Lizanne DeStefano(tick)
Lorna Rivera(tick)


10 minWelcomeKarin 
30 min

Recap of NSF Panel Review


John's Review Recap

  • NSF review went very well
  • Thank you to the XAB for the valuable insights and input that makes XSEDE better
  • Review panelists were provided only a couple days before the review and many were new
  • Was a slight concern but turned out to not be a large issue
  • Presentations were very good, largely due to refinement inputs from XAB
  • Science Impacts
    • Long-term science impacts such as SCEC
    • Campus Champions including their 10-year anniversary
    • Giving back to the community through applications and supporting software infrastructure that benefit the broader community
  • Parallel sessions next, worked reasonably well, by L2 areas
    • ECSS and RAS
    • CEE and XCI
    • Program Office
      • Survey
      • Marketing campaign - may discuss on next call
  • Received 5 innocuous questions from panel; 3 more questions came in the next morning
  • Discussion the next day over responses to questions
  • Panel began writing while XSEDE team finalized responses and submitted to the panel
  • Final debrief with remaining panelists
    • Complimentary to project about vision and maturity
    • Suggestions for improved communications
    • Marketing plan well received
    • When things are going well, we hear from Bob that things are good
    • John pushes the team toward greater excellence
    • ACTION Ron forward typed note from John to XAB
  • Currently awaiting report from panel; will share with XAB

XAB Discussion

  • Congratulations on a job well done
  • Shawn - panel was looking at how XSEDE could tell the story better by taking what we've learned and continue to grow in response. The panel was looking for how to draw that from you
  • Cliff - not poking holes in presentation is that XSEDE is doing a good job, you have the maturity. XSEDE is doing something brand new, so there is nothing to compare it to. You're doing a very interesting exercise in crowd sourcing
  • Lizanne - John's summary was good. We did re-think our general formula: providing more context, digging deeper into one example rather than a survey of many, looking closely at External Relations. The risk of shaking things up a bit was worth it.
  • Phil B. - renewed emphasis on impact and why people cared, the numbers weren't the first focus
  • John - balance of impact
  • Shawn - quantitative data on demographics for future engagement – they want to learn more about what we are doing and now it benefits the community
  • Sergiu - what is XSEDE doing to promote diversity within the XSEDE workforce was a theme
  • Phil - leadership transition on ECSS was also received well by the panel
  • John - thank you to Phil and Bob for attending and your contributions. This also came up during the de-brief time, the panel was complimentary that we had lost PIs in the past and didn't notice. The transition going smoothly in a complicated organization says a lot about the quality of the management and teamwork
  • Bob - I have been amazed at how easy and smooth the transition has been...Nancy and Project Managers providing all of the information to connect the dots
  • Cliff - what should we look at next as the advisory panel?
  • John - Bob approving spending through PY8. Although he didn't state it, it is likely we will not have a mid-year review as we did last year.
 Close MeetingKarin
  • Watch for Acceptance of April XAB meeting summary

Presentation Materials

  • N/A

Action items

  •  Ron Payne will send materials mentioned above
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