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  • 20180606- Panel Session: Project Governance & Trends Analysis
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Action Items:

Due Date
Management & Governance – John   
Slide 2 add reference to TerraGrid John6/8/2018
Slide 3 replace org chart or use the one Ron sent John6/8/2018
Slide 10 what is the status of the Staff Climate Survey Lorna/Lizanne6/8/2018
Slide 11 update names John6/8/2018
Slide 6 Suggestion from Shawn Strande via chat to include names of XAB and UAC and not just that they exist John6/8/2018
Slide 16 suggestion that it is a rabbit hole–remove it John6/8/2018
Slide 7 missing slide number John6/8/2018
Budget & Metrics – Ron   
Before slide 2 need an introduction to transition to new topic Ron6/8/2018

Slides 4 and 5 will raise questions; have a list of contributing factors

  • non-FTE budget as an explanation (explains NCSA)
  • Unspent hardware investment; emergence of public cloud acceptance holding for that transition–will hear more in Ops discussion
    • add another color for hardware line
  • Source of what the projected is
  • Travel will increase with PEARC
  • Projection is not based on reality
  • Use annual for projection rather than 6 months
  • Purposes for underspending
  • Staff turnover – would be good to have data on that for hiring lag
  • Year 1 partners were spending down carryover from prior award
  • Need to then answer the question what are you going to do about it
  • TACC explanation for lean amounts
  • Authorization to spend in February, and award processing takes time
  • Emphasize the % under spending rather than value and how that calculates into weeks (5 weeks?)
  • Large award
  • Illinois takes back unspent funds; whatever carryover allow to keep either 2 months average spend up to a max of $200k so some money is tied up in that carryover
  • Managing responsibly
Provided TACC projected amounts with explanation for lean amounts Kelly/Karla6/8/2018
Trend Analysis – Dave   
Use of term "Traditional users" is different in ECSS...logins, command-line users, etc.; send Nancy graphic Dave6/8/2018
R1 terminology now called Major Research Institution (MRI) Dave6/8/2018
Visualization isn't going down, but you're seeing heterogeneous systems where the work is going Dave6/8/2018
Look at growth of GPU users Dave6/8/2018
Caution: classifying by resource type not by the work they are doing; not sure it will help case. Data-intensive computing portion is wrong–remove or refine Dave6/8/2018
Trend in usage of GPUs and Phis Dave6/8/2018
Trend of diversity from Nancy's slide Dave6/8/2018
How are people solving the problems today and how is that changing? Dave6/8/2018
Talking narrowly for those who have allocation on XSEDE, there could be extended community............use of users could be defined Dave6/8/2018
Fields of science trends Dave6/8/2018
Keywords query of abstracts Dave6/8/2018

Trends for L2s to consider–should be talking about these things–qualitative or quantitative data observations

  • Does XCI campus interaction equate to institutions deploying?
  • XCI Instrumenting software components to determine usage?
  • CEE champions, trainings, student preparation, PI interactions, etc.

Notes/ Discussion items:


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