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Operations Decisions:


See action item below



Operations Action Items:



Due Date
Trends analysis discussionDeciding on exactly which trends to include and whether to modify existing that were presentedGreg/John6/13/18

Operations Notes/Discussion Items:

  • Suggested that we incorporate user numbers correlated with the ticket numbers, showing a trend line. Dave Hart has some corresponding information on users that we can combine. 
  • Also suggested that we might also consider job information related to tickets
  • Duo usage increases result in cost increases for XSEDE because we have to pay for those additional licenses



XCI Notes/ Discussion items:

Upfront: Define/explain acronyms and what each group does: XCI, RACD, CRI

Be prepared to discuss: How is satisfaction number calculated? Who is surveyed?

Pull in KPI table supplied by Ron morning of 6/7

Be careful when discussing status of OSG in public. Changes are not public knowledge yet.  Maybe text along the lines of "OSG is undergoing a major transistion.  We are preparing for whatever changes may happen."

XSEDE has said that if we promoted a 3rd party tool and it is dropped by its supplier, we would consider taking on the tools  and providing & supporting them for the CI community going forward.  We may need to do such for some OSG tools.

CI login story - Bosco



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