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  • 20180606- Panel Session: Community Impact & Science Use Cases
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Action Items:

Due Date
Community impact use cases.  QMA-277 - Getting issue details... STATUS L2's will send longer term community impact use cases to John.L2s 
Slide Updates for Community Impact & Science Use Cases QMA-278 - Getting issue details... STATUS

1) Send 1-2 slides on SCEC work and building codes

2) Send slide on CAPS work (could ditch this one possibly). Done work, improved severe weather prediction, saved x billions of $ in damage, better notified & prepared, save lives. Science success with future impact

3) Cybersecurity Slide: Creating global standards for research infrastructures. More in your heads that wasn't included in annual report?

4) XCI Slide: XCI story on how code improvements get fed back to developers and distributed to much broader community; Would love to have something like the Globus security bit from XSEDE 1

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, Sergiu Sanielevici, Adam Slagell, Jim Marsteller, JP Navarro 

Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Will cover a few science use cases but will talk about longer term impacts of some use cases, community impacts XSEDE is having. 
  • Do we need to add anything to Features Designed to Enhance User Productivity? 
    • Still refer to Globus despite retirement of toolkit? Yes–still using Globus
  • Story on something coming, will be applied in this way, expect this impact (enzyme that breaks down PT plastics is a potential–they are trying to pull something together)
  • Is there a statement that explains XSEDE's role in an outcome? 
    • Here is the science & why you care
    • How did XSEDE contribute/role we played
    • Potential downstream impact
  • Time window? 
    • John selected stories from RY2. May not have had usage in this year, but this is when the story came out. 
  • How does something be considered as a science story? 
    • Ideas come to ER, evaluate & rank, often come out of ECSS work
    • Have asked XRAC reviewers to flag stories
    • Always open for staff to suggest stories
    • Submit to science nuggets
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