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  • Wrap up of PY8 planning

  • Ticket Review
  • Non-FTE budget review discussion

  • Mgr coordination

Discussion items

4 minWrap up of PY8 planningVictor

All groups got their PY8 planning information to Scott

  • He and Greg reviewed
  • All Ops info added to master template
2 minTicket ReviewVictor

Took a quick look at reviewing tickets and all looked reasonable.  

  • SysOps has a few outstanding
5 minNon-FTE budget review discussionVictorIs everything covered that we know of through the end of the project?
  • Victor to develop a new spreadsheet in a google doc for everyone to review and update with any missing items.
8 minMgr. coordinationVictor, Tim

o   Tim discussed needing info from SPs and XES for who can request DNS entries

o   Discussed the need for staff XSEDE resource access under the Ops staff allocation; action: anyone who has staff needs are to send portal ids to victor with the request of which resource(s) are needed

o   Had a short discussion about LSU choosing to not participate in Speedpage

Action items