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  • Preparation for quarterly meeting
    • Next project year planning
    • review of schedule; what is on the schedule for us

    • preparation of the Ops presentation

  • PCR for Duo for XSEDE for 16 more months

  • Submit new AUP to be displayed on portal

  • Status on SysOps-Security meetings
  • Mgr Coordination

Discussion items

6 minPreparation for quarterly meetingVictor/Scott

Reviewed the schedule and there is a non-FTE budget parallel session at the end of the first day and the Operations presentation at 10:15 for 30 minutes 

  •  Scott will send an email with the request for the Ops presentation.  It includes what is new or being dropped, any publications published, project improvements and any action items related to recommendations (such as from XAB, NSF review panel, tickets, etc.).
  • Please provide to Scott by COB Thursday.
2 minPCR for Duo for XSEDE for 16 more monthsVictor

Turning in a PCR for 16 months and using the unused IU non-FTE budget. 

  • This was reviewed by SMT in February and told us to go ahead and submit a PCR.
5 minSubmit new AUP to be displayed on portalVictor

Also have an updated Privacy Policy to go along with the AUP.  

  • Jim mentioned maybe there should be a pop up for users to point them to these two documents.
  • John wanted us to sync up with Tom Furlani on the Privacy Policy. 
  • Greg to send the approved AUP version and Victor will send to Maytal to post.
1 min

Status on SysOps-Security meetings

GaryGary and Jim mentioned this is going well and they are meeting weekly.
3 min

Mgr Coordination


There was a ticket issue related to TACC and PSC regarding getting stale tickets in the XSEDE ticket system taken care of. 

  • I brought it to their attention and it is in the SP checklist notes.  
  • There was a PSC issue asking about RT ticket system integration between the two systems.  
  • Discussed the two possibilities and will present them back to PSC.

Action items