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  • Eric Wiggins, Feng Chen, LSU
  • Dave Carver, Je’aime Powell, TACC
  • Jeremy Fischer, IU
  • Derek Simmel, PSC
  • Trevor Cooper, SDSC
  • No Stanford Rep (Stephan Thiell had a conflict)
  • No OSG Rep
  • Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, XSEDE ECSS
  • JP Navarro, XSEDE XCI RACD
  • Amit Chourasia, XSEDE ECSS
  • Michael Shapiro, XSEDE RAS AAAM

 XSEDE SP Software Call Meeting minutes 

  • Announcements
    Reminder of PEARC’18 is July 22-26 in Pittsburgh, PA. See
  • XSEDE SW Engineering activities
    No new engineering activities released since last meeting.  Please review all Deployment plans located at and take a look at them in reverse chronological order.
  • XSEDE SP annual checklist status and results
    See the Feb 2018 columns at
    Victor gave an overview of the SP checklist review and overview of feedback given and the reviewed the SP Resource Integration Status page.
    Overview of the issues/items from the review are:
    • LSU recommended an XSEDE software stack overview document.  Victor to work with XSEDE staff to put this together.
    • The AMIE administrator mailing list got lost somehow since the last reviews and move of Accounting group from Ops to RAS.  A new mailing list was created. Victor will let the SP admin reps know who is on the list from their site
    • OSG and Jetstream requested a modification of the portal since they do not collect job utilization information.  This has already been completed.
    • Bridges requested that the UI be updated to split out the info provided by PSC about Bridges, Bridges-Large, Bridges-GPU, etc.  This is on the list to be communicated to XSEDE to work with PSC to address.
  • Gateway attributes presentation by Amit Chourasia
    Amit presented on Gateway attributes with slides. See presentation below.
    Several issues were brought up during the call regarding coordinating this between XSEDE and SPs.  Summary is that XSEDE needs to work with SPs that support Science Gateways to coordination integration and consistency of software across all SPs.   Amit and Victor will discuss and a plan will be developed.  We will put this on the agenda for the SP Software call for the forseeable future.   Will work on a concise high level overview for next meeting and then implementation status thereafter. 

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