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  • Lisa Giame, Feng Chen, Eric Wiggins, LSU
  • Jeremy Fischer, IU
  • Dave Carver, TACC
  • Stephan Thiell, Stanford
  • Rob Quick, OSG
  • Derek Simmel, PSC
  • George Turner, IU
  • JP Navarro, Shava Smallen, XSEDE
  • Trevor Cooper, SDSC

 XSEDE SP Software Call Meeting minutes

  • Announcements
    PEARC18 conference in Pittsburgh, PA Jul 22-26, 2018:
    Annual review of SP Software mailing list 
  • Reviewed the mailing list contents
    Remove Dan Lapine (NCSA), Bret (IU), Jenett (IU), Matt (IU) and add Jaime (TACC)
  • XSEDE SW Engineering activities
  • XSEDE SP annual checklist scheduling [Site (contact-date)]
    PSC (J.Ray), LSU (Eric), TACC Stampede2 already done, Stanford (Stephan-week of 19th), OSG (Mats), Jetstream (Jeremy-Friday).  Checklist results to be posted at
  • Discussion topic
  • How sites are handling Meltdown/Spectre?
    Trevor from SDSC mentioned they have updated Kernel patches from vendor and installed with mitigations turned off. SDSC tested and saw 20% decrease in I/O performance with page table mitigation, and 70% decrease with branch mitigation.  With those results that is why leaving the mitigation turned off and also with no known exploit known to be used in the wild.  Also, new kernel update from RHEL out since the Meltdown/Spectre.   RH pulled their firmware updates.
  • Open Discussion, as time permits
    Shava mentioned XSEDE may be ready to discuss the Globus software status in more detail on next call.

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