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Thursday Feb. 8, 2018

  We had our Monthly ESRT meeting yesterday (Thursday Feb. 8 at 2:00 PM EST).  Thanks for those of you who sent in updates.  I’m hopeful that these updates will allow us to pick some topics of general utility to the group in addition to the Administrative updates I have.

  1.  Thanks for those who have completed or submitted their workplans for review.  We have made some rapid progress over the last month in cleaning up our backlog of needed workplans.  We currently only have 4 outstanding workplans and 2 under review.  We have no outstanding workplans for expired projects.  Please keep up the good work.

  2.  Quarterly and Final Reports our the next items that need attention from the group.  We utilize Quarterly and Final reports for our required project reporting and to close out projects.  During the past we’ve had an extremely low turnout of Quarterly and Final Reports.  Out of the average 30 projects we have active at any given time we only receive (by reporting time) 3-5 reports.  We need to work to resolve this situation and submit any needed quarterly and especially final reports that are due.  We currently have 16 outstanding final reports.

  3.  I’m currently using comments in JIRA (for projects) and Confluence (for Workplans or Report documents).  Please let me know if you notice that you are not getting these updates.  You can also communicate to me through these comments.  Be sure to include a mention (@Lonnie Crosby), both JIRA and Confluence should let you choose a user to complete the mention.  This will ensure that I get the notification.  I also, try to do this for my comments to you.

  4.  Please be sure to change the status of your projects to “L3 WPROKPLAN REVIEW” if you have entered your draft workplan.


IMPORTANT:   We did not receive any new/renewed ECSS proejcts in the last XSEDE XRAC meeting.  However, we have (and usually do) receive a number of projects via startup and supplement requests.  These come in throughout the quarter and are not very amenable to launching an email with all projects in a volunteer request. As a result, I would like all consultants to review the new projects live on JIRA and let me know through comments if they are interested in the project.

  1.  You can access the list of your assigned projects, new projects, and your tasks via the “ECSS Consultant” dashboard in JIRA (  The new projects are in the Second Gadget window.

  2.  Please include a comment in the Epic to let me know if you are interested.  Do NOT assign yourself the project!

  3.  I’ll get in touch with you to let you know how we will assign the project and to introduce you to the PI.

  4.  Please provide your feedback as soon as possible and by next Friday Feb. 16th.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thursday Mar. 8, 2018


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