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Prioritization list

QMA-252 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Prioritization list:

  • Strategic objective to raise awareness of importance of CI in general to general public.
    • Have to be careful not to take credit for things XSEDE didn't do. Working with others in partnership would be good.
  • Raise awareness of things we can offer. NSF could save money. (MREC?)
  • Moving forward with making XRAS service available to others through fee for service. Other services could also be packaged & offered to community. How do we market these services to the community?
  • Where we're falling short on metrics, advertise areas we need to focus on.
  • ECSS services–can we market more to make people aware that this is available to them?
    • Something in how we advertise now isn't resonating. Don't try to sell it the way we talk about it. More targeted marketing using language they understand (not that we understand)
  • L2s should each look at KPIs and work with ER team. What L2s think needs to increase, prioritize, identify target market, determine messaging...
Case for XSEDE3 QMA-253 - Getting issue details... STATUS Strategic marketing campaign–case for XSEDE3? NSF will make that decision & develop solicitation. More of a lobbying effort.
Disp QMA-254 - Getting issue details... STATUS Market impact in tight well-written pieces to the Hill. Map of US so they can see what happened state-by-state or break down by legislative district. Marketing value/impact. Should be a print piece they can carry out.
Identify best science stories QMA-255 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Identify high-impact research cases & have on our radar so we can follow up with those researchers & tell our best story.

    • Trello board could be used for this. Vote on stories via cards.
Impact QMA-256 - Getting issue details... STATUS

How we tell stories. What is the impact being done. Important science story & how it was enabled.

Talk about aspects of the program that are important right now.

ESCC encouragement of collaborations among research teams.

Tracking XSEDE users QMA-257 - Getting issue details... STATUS

10,000 ft view vs. deeper dive into particular stories

  • Reference other projects but take credit for XSEDE's part. Take advantage of our platform.
  • Where are they now piece.
    • Is anyone tracking people? Champion fellows from years ago, look for people who have been in database awhile. Anecdotal stories. Stories about where students landed.
Editorial team QMA-258 - Getting issue details... STATUS Who can be editorial team? L1/L2s. Set up PR list with these folks who we can send story ideas to.
Science stories for IPRs QMA-259 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Do IPR science highlights stay hard science or evolve into other areas?

  • Audience is review panel, program officer, etc.
  • Need some science stories, but good to add to the mix. Need a more diverse mix of stories.
  • Start with Why for all of them.
Stories from institutions QMA-260 - Getting issue details... STATUS Having people from institutions talk about the value of XSEDE to their institution. Different stories to tell for different size institutions. Data available about top institutions using XSEDE resources. Impact of XSEDE on institutional planning, resources, etc. These kinds of stories can go to other agencies as well.
Impact marketing campaign QMA-261 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Impact marketing campaign. List started from highlights books. Most significant examples we should focus on?

  • The ones that have taken a long time to cultivate likely have most impact (many 5-6 years or longer)
  • Integration of pieces of XSEDE. How ECSS works with allocations, CEE, etc. would be useful to show interdependence of the units.
    • Stories that talk about XSEDE from point of view of organization studies.
    • Joel Curshenfeld (sp?) should be involved in this type of story.
Timeline QMA-262 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • No NSF expectations. Need clear ideas of what it will look like.
    • Useful to tell NSF we're engaging students to help us do this.
    • Show that we started on it (outline, process), but doesn't need to be finished.

Action Items:

Due Date
L2 prioritization of metrics/marketing.


QMA-263 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add L2 conversation about prioritizing metrics/marketing to next L2 meeting. What things they'd like to see, target audience, messages. (Keep in mind work with students will start in the fall)

Ron Payne 
Mechanism for voting on science stories QMA-264 - Getting issue details... STATUS Create a Trello board for people to vote on science stories.ER team Kristin Williamson Leslie Froeschl 
Versions of science stories QMA-265 - Getting issue details... STATUS Need to go back to creating different versions of science stories so we have options to choose from for various purposes. (IPR, website, slides, short videos, social media, etc.). Rich media formats to choose from are important so we can connect with younger researchers.ER team Kristin Williamson 
Infographics QMA-266 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Infographics (can put on website):

  • SP vs. XSEDE infographic
  • Mapping the XSEDE Federation–how does XSSEDE & the partners fit together. SPs, Campus champions, collaborations with those who have funded proposals, relationships with other CI providers, NSF, software stack.
  • Allocations process
  • Show integration–bits & pieces of XSEDE
  • Map for legislature
ER team Kristin Williamson 
Science stories format QMA-267 - Getting issue details... STATUS Science highlights–additional contextual info only needs to be stated once. If they want to use the stories outside the report then they need full info so state that these are summaries. For full formats visit xxx. ER team Kristin Williamson 

Notes/ Discussion items:


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