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  • PEARC 22
  • ACCESS transition
  • Mgr. Coordination

Discussion items

5 minPEARC 22Victor

PEARC was discussed and is next week.  

  • Many will be attending and there is an XSEDE luncheon Thursday noon to 1:30pm. 
  • Check emails from Leslie for the luncheon
 26 min ACCESS transition Greg

Shawn Brown has left PSC (former Director and others are filling in for his ACCESS position(s)) and Amy Schuele has announced retirement with Tim B. likely taking interim role

  • Need more clarification on important transition items (XDCDB, XUP, SSO hub, Duo, etc.)
  • Derek joined and said he was just on the ACCESS Exec Comm meeting.
  • Derek said the teragrid krb username/password will be carried forward.  Goal is to have things like authentication for ACCESS available for testing by Aug 1
  • Probably need to get someone on ACCESS pursuing renewing the Duo license that is housed at UTK. 
  • There is a 90 minute session planned at PEARC to discuss ACCESS on July 12 at noon to 1:30pm
  • Gary has been in discussions with Indiana on Jetstream1/Jetstream2 regarding the SSO hub.  Plan currently is to keep it on JS1 until Aug 31, if possible.
  • Victor and Derek to get together at PEARC on Sunday evening, if possible.

No Mgr Coordination

Action items