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  • Ops policies/procedures on wiki
  • ACCESS transition items
  • Quarterly Meeting reminders
  • Mgr coordination

Discussion items

5 min

Ops policies/procedures on wiki


Scott showed his screen and went over the XSEDE page with the Policies and Processes list.

  • This is on confluence 
  • Ops needs to update with the Operations related Policies and Processes
13 minACCESS transition itemsVictor

 A Google sheet was put together and Ops was filling it out and to have an ACCESS awardee that would pick it up before it goes offline or if there is more than one owner.

  • Trying to make it clear that there is a handoff to one ACCESS owner or multiple ACCESS owners.  
  • Trying to make the information available for the ACCESS project staff.  
  • Dave mentioned a request for the Globus usage to the CONECT project.   
  • Victor mentioned Duo as an example of a 3rd party item that needs to be transitioned that is different that many of the services that are owned and managed by XSEDE directly
1 min

Quarterly Meeting reminders

ScottScott mentioned the quarterly meeting coming up and if there is an item to get on the agenda to submit that asap.
10 min

Mgr coordination

  • Derek mentioned some accounts were disabled due to some bad behavior
  • Dave mentioned his retrospective DTS paper for PEARC 22 has been submitted.   Includes transition and Globus type of things.
  • Derek mentioned a conversation with Colorado and that the SSO hub will be going away which affects their non-U Colorado Bolder researchers
  • Some of the outreach about changes to the SPs can be handled via the SP Forum
  • Victor mentioned Gary and he went through xes-index and updated the items on the site and updated the hybrid cloud diagram

Action items