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  • RY6 reporting
  • Risk review
  • Terminology Task Force document scanning
  • Lessons Learned feedback
  • Additional UTK XSEDE staff
  • ACCESS Award handoff
  • Mgr. Coordination

Discussion items

1 minRY6 ReportingScott

Reporting coming up and Scott sending out the usual template

1 min Risk ReviewScottTime to do the risk review process once again
10 min

Terminology Task Force document scanning


Task Force about completed; asking to have a person to review each Director area for the terminology to change

  • Scott scanned and only found “user” and “submit”.  Context specific and Scott does not recommend to change anything.
  • Task force document available at
  • Scott to send a note with more info on this topic
2 min

Lessons Learned feedback


To this point we did not get any specific lessons learned feedback from the review up the XSEDE hierarchy.

6 min

Additional UTK XSEDE staff


To mitigate UT unspent, Victor added some of his staff to XSEDE as follows:

  • Ashley Cornell, SysOps & Security
  • George Butler, DTS
  • Matthew Bachstein, Director’s office 
  • Pankaj Kumar & Xianfeng Ma, ECSS
1 min

ACCESS Award handoff


No news so far but maybe by next week

7 minMgr. Coordination
  • Derek mentioned some items that maybe could be updated or retired related to vulnerabilities.  Will keep on top of it.
  • Alex mentioned security is on heightened alert related to the recent world events

Action items