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  • Juniata - Rich needs to circle back with Gerald Kruse - hopefully scheduling planning meetings for late July on-site meeting
  • BOF - some pre-advertising to happen - Tabitha to coordinate with Rich on ad copy
  • Transition - some iteration on a variety of reports for the transition
    • Identity and Access Management - some pushback from XSEDE program managers - for now, everything ends when XSEDE ends
    • Response - ACCESS makes a response - ACCESS EC will make a comprehensive list for service questions for transition
  • SP Coordination - changes on the way, but for now tracking as well as expected
  • Toolkits
    • Chris Martin - Automated OpenStack deployment guide developed - passed 1st test: from
      • 2 options for deployment - manual (Steve Bird) - Kolla/ansible (Chris Martin)
      • Space for planning guide (prior) / maintenance guide (how to maintain/update/upgrade)
      • Cornell (Steven Lee) and IU (Steve Bird) to review
    • Dimuthu - Exosphere issue with python/OpenStack - needed to downgrade python OpenStack SDK
  • Epigenomics work with ECSS (Suresh) on track for demo at PEARC
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