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  • Quarterly roundup
    • Lessons learned - some integration across WBS's would be good (reduce repetition; but keep in mind that it may be useful to repeat key factors)
      • Project Management as a lesson learned
  • Focus Group - BoF
  • OpenStack -
  • Virtual Cluster
    • pull request in from Julian on Lmod conflicts, Dimuthu investigating to avoid future conflicts (possibly due to updates to public images on JS2 for reference)
      • check to see if lmod is installed first before installing
    • Two channels of clusters - both Rocky and Centos - needs rectifying
  • SP coordination
    • mostly quiet - good to see people using slack channels to support each other
    • news outlets getting good use
  • Site Visits -
    • Juniata College continues to widen in scope and scale
  • Outreach
    • ADMI paper (re?)accepted for conference this month
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