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SP Forum ACCESS Coordination Office Presentation July 2022

ACCESS ACO 2 Slide Summary.pptx

SP Forum ACCESS Monitoring & Measurement Presentation July 2022


SP Forum ACCESS CONECT Presentation June 2022


SP Forum ACCESS MATCH  Presentation June 2022


SP Forum ACCESS RAMPS Presentation May 2022


SP Forum Training Presentations April 2022

All presentations have been concatenated into the one PDF referenced below


SP Forum Presentation March 2022 : Texas A&M ACES


Ookami SP Forum Presentation February 2022

Ookami-XSEDE-SP Forum 02172022.pdf

Fluid Numerics SP Forum Presentation November 2021

Fluid Numerics - RCC XSEDE.pdf

ASUASU - XSEDE SP Forum 20211028.pptx SP Forum Presentation November 2021


Open Storage Network SP Forum Presentation Fall 2019


Purdue University SP Forum Update Fall 2019


SPF Feedback on XSEDE Communications Campaign


XSEDE SSO Hub and Duo usage (per Victor Hazlewood)


Blue Waters SPF webinar


Draft Response to the UREP plans

UREP Prioritization Response for Fall 2017.docx

Draft of XRAC Reviewer Manual

XRAC reviewers make critical decisions about who uses SP resources.  This manual, drafted by Dave Hart, is intended as a guideline for reviewers.


Resources related to HPC performance impacts, experience patching, etc. the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

University of Buffalo Center for Computational Research benchmarking

SDSC Meltdown/Spectre mitigation testing on Comet local I/O with ZFS & EXT4

UCAR Software Engineering Assembly - April 2-6, 2018

From: Davide Del Vento, UCAR

    I have the honor to be the organizer of the SEA conference series, and
    I wanted to spread the word about the upcoming one (first week of
    The conference covers a lot, but I think the most interesting part for
    this group is the symposium about Containers in HPC. This will be a
    unique opportunity for container developers and system administrators
    to discuss challenges, issues and features of deploying container in a
    production HPC environment. We have already confirmed participation
    for all the big players in this area (feel free to suggest more), and
    we have room for a few more sysamins, in case you want to join.
    But as I said, there's a whole lot more:
    - The always popular talks, on a variety of topics, including Data
    Analysis, HPC and cloud
    - An incredibly rich offering of tutorials, on topic ranging from Deep
    Learning to Debugging and profiling HPC code; from data analysis and
    visualization with Python to probabilistic forecast
    - Another symposium about Overlapping Communication with Computation,
    a must for anybody interested in parallel programming on exascale
    - Last, but not least, one of the keynotes, one of the talks and two
    tutorials will be presented by DK Panda
    Everything at an unbelievable low early bird registration price (yes,
    you can still register at that price). See for more details.
    Davide Del Vento,
    NCAR Computational & Information Services Laboratory
    Consulting Services Software Engineer
    SEA Chair