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  • Tabitha 

  • Gary 

  • Carman 

  • Dave 

  • Derek 

  • Victor 

  • Greg


  • Discuss review all XSEDE Operations documents, make a call if needed for updates, and post any new versions of XSEDE documents (policies, standards, guidelines, etc.) into IDEALS
  • Unspent funds meeting update
  • Complete risk register review by end of the week
  • Discuss security and operations coverage and double-check contact info for the upcoming holidays (security & sysops especially)
  • Mgr Coordination

Discussion items

10 minDocument review & handlingVictor
  • Victor mentioned to review Operations documents (mostly in the project documents link, but others as well).
  • If there are new versions get the in final PDF form and send to Leslie to update.

 10 min Unspent funds review Victor/Greg
  • Mention Greg attended yesterday’s unspent funds meeting
  • Greg mentioned they are all potentially to get funded and they are mostly related to staffing issues for someone to do the work. Over the project there is approximately $2.6M unspent.
  • XOC would need to be Illinois but the other staffing would be at the other sites. 
1 minRisk review reminderVictor
  • Complete risk register review by end of the week
2 minDiscuss Operations and Cybersecurity holiday coverageVictor
  • Victor discussed contact information during Thanksgiving and end of December timeframes. 
  • Will get contact info to Carman and communicate it to SMT as well.
2 minManager coordination
  • Ed left PSC, for the time being reassign Ed’s items to Derek (OAuth, for example).

Action items