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  • Logistics - John Coulter 's subaward modifications may be resolved before too long and he may be back in the CRI play
  • Site Visits info
    • Cornell team met with Tarantino from Vassar - helpful
    • Juniata - interested in Big Data, Hadoop
      • Cornell has some experience (roughly 2017 last)
      • Hadoop is really the file system at this point, many vendors and implementations, what real requirements?
      • Further discussion may be helpful: XSEDE resources
      • Maybe an XSEDE education allocation on Jetstream 2 - OpenStack Sahara on Jetstream 2 a possibility
  • SP Coordination
    • Paper on getting the cohesion for coordination for PEARC 22 (due Feb 18)
    • Stonybrook - getting allocated with in 2 months(!), integrate with XSEDEnet
    • Texas A&M first meetings with FASTER team, early users in March, allocated in June
      • Another, newer system Ares
  • Focus Group / BoF
  • Toolkits
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