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Discussion about developing sustaining community ties within the folks served by XCRI

  • We have a number of folks who can benefit from sustained activity between sites that have had site visits or have used XCRI toolkits
  • There's potential for getting folks interested in a sustained community
    • Also helpful to hook people into the broader national conversation: SIGHPC, CASC, CARCC, etc
  • Conversation covered some surveys and polls, settled on Focus Group and a BoF at PEARC
  • Focus Group
    • This Spring, recruit people from site visit recipients, other users
    • Create a set of questions that guide inquiry
    • Produce set of reflections from the community and potentially identify future engaged actors
  • BOF at PEARC 22 - deadline in April for proposal
    • Bring initial findings to wider community
    • Potential to include others who are interested in creating sustained CI communities
    • Involve other XSEDE elements (and further?), if interested
    • Possibility that we might be able to direct some funds to travel for PEARC
  • Artifact: Workshop or BoF report format, something that contributors have coauthorship of and future continuation
  • Action items
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