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Stephen BirdIU/ XSEDEX
David CarverTACCX
Dhruva ChakravortyTexas A&M
Firat Coskun
Kevin ColbyPurdue
Trevor  CooperSDSCX
Francis DangTexas A&M
Jeffrey FreyUniversity of Delaware
Vikram GazulaUniversity of KentuckyX
John HuffmanUniversity of Delaware

Mark Huang

Texas A&M
Jason St. JohnPurdueX
David KingNCSAX
JP NavarroU Chicago/ XSEDEX
Lisa PerezTexas A&M
Tabitha SamuelNICS/XSEDEX
Anita SchwartzUniversity of Delaware
Chuck SchwartzPurdueX
Derek SimmelPSC/XSEDEX
Shava SmallenSDSC/XSEDEX
George TurnerIndiana University
Paul WilliamsUniversity of DelawareX
Eric BlauXSEDE


  • Announcements
  • XCI Updates:
    • Discussion forum
    • XDUsage
  • Installing Globus on Rocky OS – Dave Carver
  • Open discussion


  • Announcements:
    • XSEDE working on how best to use unspent project funds
    • Papers: If SP admins are interested in writing a paper together about SP interactions during the XSEDE project, there is definitely interest in that effort.
  • XCI Updates:
    • Discussion forum:
    • XDUsage: Resource allocation service has been redesigning the database, aiming for a prod release of 2022.
      • Revising how different apps access that db
      • As a consequence, revised how xdusage talks to the xsede database → mostly in changes to API calls
      • XDUsage has been converted to Python
      • Need this community's input on use of SUDO for the tool.
        • Suggestion: make it setuid and owned by xd-info
        • Sugestion: Use oauth credentials instead
      • Packaging question for delivering xdusage
        • Deliver as a pip package
        • Build its own virtualenv
        • Question: where from (or when) are the dependencies getting pulled in? Ans: at deployment/installation time
        • Sites would still prefer an RPM.
    • Discussion forum:
      • Availability of discusion forum for researcher facing and admin facing disucssion forum
      • Research sw portal for admin facing and a user forum for rsearcher facing discussion forum
      • Encouraging XSEDE CI operators and researchers to use ASK.CI for broad, non XSEDE HPC questions
      • If you want to ask XSEDE specific questions, for eg between SP and XCI, the resaerch software portal has a forum for that.
    • Working on a new version of IPF. Hope to start testing by end of December, will not be available for deployment until early 2022.
  • Overview of Installing Globus on Rocky OS - Dave Carver
  • Next call Jan 10th (not Jan 3rd).
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