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  • 20220307- XSEDE Finance Update (Status of Project/subaward finances, current risks for spend down of award.)
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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:

Overall in good shape.

Projected underspent total (minus NCE) is .6% of total grant.

NCE is higher than NSF because of Michigan coming in (may start in May)

We need to take care of CEE requests, keep track of a handful sub-awards that forecasted underspent amount, as well as those who forecasted an overspent

NCSA has a projected underspent of $600K - some of this money can be distributed to CEE PS.

GA Tech has a projected $500K - will be used for NCE evaluation

IU has a projected $140K underspent - will be used for NCE evaluation.

We spoke to Cornell, they can spend $300K, will have remaining $190K. We'll speak with NICS tomorrow

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