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Canonical Meeting Template (as a reminder):

1. Review of meeting agenda
2. Addressing issues

  • Description/Status of issue
  • Review of action items from previous meetings if any
  • Recommended actions and discussion of same
  • Close issue or identify next action items

3. Status updates from SMT members

  • Status update on significant activities
  • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)


1. Review of Meeting Agenda: Any comments/additions? 

2. XSEDE2 Reporting (Leslie Froeschl


  • Previous discussion archived: SMT Meeting - July 15, 2021
  • (8/12) Working on IPR15 this week. Thank you to everyone for your efforts. There are a few outstanding comments/questions for CEE, ECSS, RAS that need addressed. Please work with your area PM to get these resolved. 
  • (8/26) IPR15 submitted on time last week. Thank you all for your efforts. Enjoy the break until November & IPR16!
  • (9/23) No reporting until November. 
    • Reminder to pull together your + 5% wish lists by Wednesday, Sept. 29.
  • (10/7) Final report recommendation shared with Bob & Al
    • Fine with most of it. Reword anything re. no-cost extension as that is not approved 
    • Getting eval folks together to discuss 
    • Plan to finalize by December QM so it can be submitted to NSF
  • (11/4) IPR16 inputs are all due to your area project manager TODAY.   
  • (1/13) We will start compiling IPR17 on 2/1/22. Be on lookout for instructions from Noni and your L2 PM. 
    • Lessons learned docs will be coming out soon.


Re. Lessons Learned to be included in final report: 

  • Can include LL from XSEDE1 that we've built on in XSEDE2. Larger context of full XSEDE1 and 2 awards will be appropriate. Longitudinal studies will include data from XSEDE1 as well.
  • Should we talk about how we addressed LL in XSEDE1? 
    • Where it makes sense.
    • Changing structure of project team based on LL in XSEDE1
    • Ensure program officer is working closely with you. Still true in XSEDE2.
  • Important for everyone to review XSEDE1 LL (Leslie will send these out). 
  • Suggest keeping a LL doc open that you can jot things as they come to mind in your daily work/meetings. 
  • Include XSEDE1 report as appendix so we can refer to it. 
  • Focus on accomplishments that resulted from LL
  • Could be interesting to note where we adapted to something different–continual thread of LL
  • Consider audience: NSF, research community. Good question to consider at QM. 
  • Lessons learned & recommendations going forward that would  be helpful to broader community


3. Final Reporting/NCE (Ron Payne


  • (1/13) Added to agenda
  • A placeholder for the NCE budget covering reporting has been roughly estimated for L1s, L2s, L3s, and PMs. This group will need to discuss and agree on the assumptions for the final FTE plan for NCE reporting activities.  One specific topic is how much effort and duration should be allocated for L3 managers to complete the reporting activities. When an agreement on a NCE reporting effort is reached, we can update the NCE reporting budget will be updated.

  • Initial draft of the XSEDE NCE budget was circulated by email on 12/21/21


  • John submitted final report outline to Bob/Al.

    • Don't expect any major feedback unless they see something missing that is needed. 

    • Asked for recommendations/suggestions for improving but don't expect to get that
  • NCE Draft Budget
  • Assumptions in the creation of the NCE Budget:
    • PY10 actual data used for FTE estimates

      • Doesn't account for changes in salary in PY11. Ron Payne to add inflator
    • L2 PMs 10% for one month (Sept 2022) to complete IPR18

    • L3 Managers 10% for one month (Sept 2022) to complete IPR18

    • L2s 10% for 4 months Sept-Dec 2022 to complete Lessons Learned

      • Includes deputies. Numbers look low in some cases. 
      • Note: Lessons Learned will be included in IPR19 submitted in Sept. Ron Payne to change from 4 mos to 1 month. 
    • L1 management 15% for 4 months (Sept-Dec 2022) and 5% for 8 months (Jan-Aug 2023)

    • Using 12 month option for Eval team to complete all Longitudinal & ROI work

    • IRIS activities through Dec 2022

    • Includes PEARC23 & IHPCSS23 evaluation costs

    • BusOps limited operations for full 12 months

    • Majority of lessons learned work will be complete before end of Aug 2022 so won't be part of NCE.
  • Ron Payne to double check 2.2.3 amount as Sergio thinks it's low.
  • If there are things you need to work on beyond September, let Ron know now. 
  • Ron will make changes discussed and send back out. 


Around the call up

Follow this basic outline:

      • Status update on significant activities
      • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
      • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
      • Identification of recent improvements implemented

Updates from SMT members:

  • PI (John/Ron) - 
    • Question for John: What is planned with messaging to community re. end of  XSEDE/transition
      • Comms plan was put together by Dina for this. Communications to go out soon. Talk with Dina re. any questions   
  • Deputy Director (Tim) -

    • No update

  • CEE (Kelly) - 
    • No update
  • ECSS (Bob S/Phil/Sergiu) -
    • Question re. supplemental funds for various activities: did we come to final decision on all items? 
      • Some are still open. Next in priority list: 3 items for funding PS for various programs. 
      • SPs & ECSS Campus Champions items don't have full consensus and had outstanding questions.  
      • Next step is to finalize NCE budget so we have  better understanding re. remaining funds that can be allocated. Currently sitting between $300K-$400K, but that is dependent on actuals submitted so need to confirm what the actual unspent amount is after NCE budget is finalized. 
    • Discussed ramp down plan for ECSS. This is the last cycle of proposals that PIs can request ECSS support. Once those awards are made, will be last round of ECSS awards. From that point on (April 1-July1) will take supplemental ECSS requests that are reasonable to take on. After July 1 will not  take on anything new and will focus solely on spinning down. This was shared with Ken to ensure necessary changes are made in RDR. 
    • ECSS all-hands meeting scheduled for Feb. 9

  • XCI (Dave L/Tabitha/Shava) -

    • Heard back from FASTER team at TX A&M. Setting up a call to go through where they are in integration & next steps.
    • Ookami will likely not be allocated by XSEDE but will be in ACCESS. They are on track for integration. 
    • +5% request for CMS work. Having trouble finding someone to do this so will be dropping it. Ron Payne will note this change in the spreadsheet. Have staff identified for Open OnDemand work so that will proceed. 
    • Thank you note to UREP members who have been providing feedback through XSEDE2. 
      • John Towns is happy to send this out. XCI team should draft the message and send to John.   
  • Ops (Greg/Victor) -
    • GDPR issues were scam & don't appear to be anything to worry about.
    • Got on-call folks lined up for the holiday time-frame. No issues arose.
  • RAS (Dave H/Ken/Nathan) -

    • Ken is planning in person XRAC in March. 

      • March QM is aiming to be in-person currently (March 7-9), but depends on how things go with Omicron. XSEDE will need to determine COVID protocols for in person QM. Masks? No buffets? Outdoor dining could be an option. 

    • Support for COVID consortium beyond end of XSEDE? 
      • Depends on what NSF wants to do. Once past end of August out of our control. 
      • Manish said NSF will continue to support, but didn't say how. 
      • Consortium feeling is that it might be time to start to ramp down. Have only received about 12 proposals in the last 6 mos. 
      • Will need to figure out period of latest end date & when/if we'll stop taking allocation proposals
      • Check in on this again in a couple weeks
    • Dave to follow up with NY academy of sciences. 

  • Program Office (Ron/Leslie) - 
  • SP Forum (Ruth) -  

    • Next meeting is 1/20/22 (Craig Stewart + USDA/Hawaii)
    • Elections via email, same slate as last year

  • UAC (Emre) -   
    • Reviewing draft User Survey instrument. 
    • UAC is always happy to provide input/feedback as needed. 

  • NSF (Bob C) - 

    Next Meeting:    January 27, 2022

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