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  1. RT tickets
  2. Duo
  3. XES index/Nagios/Qualys – SecOps/SysOps meeting on regular basis to push this through. Please update services as necessary.
  4. XSEDE Email – Chris update on RT tickets
  5. XSEDE Central logging – in production at NICS, instructions to send logs are on Wiki
  6. XSEDE Security – Chris to do monthly review of security standards
  7. XSEDE XES – status of migration on Jetstream, need to add admins to SysOps allocation
  8. Open discussion


Chris Klausen, Tabitha, Chris Lindsey, Terry Fleury, Shava, Joe


  1. Chris Lindsey: Old tickets that are open wrt blacklisted sources.
  2. Feature request tickets: should they live elsewhere outside the ticket system.
    1. Shava: We have a JIRA project, we could move these feature requests there.
  3. Duo: Tabitha can send updated #'s for Duo registration. Tabitha will follow up with Gary wrt deleting inactive users.
  4. XES Index/ Nagios/Qualys: Chris Klausen: qualys updates are happening.
  5. Can we show more than 10 tickets on default dashboard?
  6. XSEDE Central Logging: no updates
  7. XSEDE Security: Chris: will cover audit logging environment.
  8. XSEDE XES: Status of migration on Jetstream:
    1. Quarry is retiring soon, everything but XSEDE central services are off.
  9. Stampede1 is going offline at the end of the month. Dave to ask Chris Hempel to check decommissioning wrt XSEDE (RDR and Info services).


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