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  • WBS 2.3.2 Requirements Analysis and Planning 2018-01-18 Meeting
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  1. Use Cases and CDPs
  2. UREP Results

1. Use Cases and CDPs

Use Case and CDP related KPIs and Metrics:

  • Metric: Number of capability delivery plans (CDPs) prepared for UREP prioritization (target: 12/year)
  • Metric: Number of new capabilities made available for production deployment (target: 7/year w/ XCRI)

New use cases drafted/reviewed since December

  • RC-03: Install software and/or data on a resource for use by a research community
  • SPI-07: Enable a research community to install software or data on a resource
  • CAN-05: Record and summarize the use of a system component

Use Case Development

Candidate use case worksheet


Capabilities under development

These capabilities will count toward new capabilities once delivered:

  • IDM-06 Login to a science gateway with an XSEDE identity
  • CB-08 Use XSEDE SSO with campus login servers
  • CI-02 Manually publish system information

Use cases under development for already delivered capabilities.

2. UREP Prioritization Late-2017/Early-2018

  • Drafting the CDP's by very early December.
  • Debra Nigra to give UREP a heads up in ~2 weeks before we're ready.
  • Start the UREP very early in December.
  • Summaries of UREP results:public view, RACD view, Lee's datasheet
  • Lee Liming will enter rating information into the CSR
  • (all) Confirm consensus on priority interpretations in Lee's datasheet
  • Lee Liming will correct any rating information based on consensus decisions
  • Lee Liming will draft a brief summary of the guidance we think we received for use with UREP, SMT, and dev council
  • Lee Liming will draft a brief summary/thank-you to CEE on JIRA UR items that resulted in prioritized use cases

Lessons learned:

  • Deb recommends that next year we wait until after the holidays to begin the voting period. Fresher minds, still plenty of time to turn around and use in our annual project plan.
  • Lee recommends that we try for two prioritization activities per year, rather than going another 12 months.


Action items


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