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  • WBS 2.3.2 Requirements Analysis and Planning 2018-01-18 Meeting
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  1. Use Cases and CDPs
  2. UREP Results

1. Use Cases and CDPs

Use Case and CDP related KPIs and Metrics:

  • Metric: Number of capability delivery plans (CDPs) prepared for UREP prioritization (target: 12/year)
  • Metric: Number of new capabilities made available for production deployment (target: 7/year w/ XCRI)

Use Case Development

Candidate use case worksheet


Capabilities under development

These capabilities will count toward new capabilities once delivered:

  • IDM-06 Login to a science gateway with an XSEDE identity
  • CB-08 Use XSEDE SSO with campus login servers
  • CI-02 Manually publish system information

Use cases under development for already delivered capabilities.

2. UREP Preparation

  • Drafting the CDP's by very early December.
  • Debra Nigra to give UREP a heads up in ~2 weeks before we're ready.
  • Start the UREP very early in December.
  • Summaries of UREP results: public view, RACD view, Lee's datasheet
  • Lee Liming will enter rating information into the CSR
  • (all) Confirm consensus on priority interpretations in Lee's datasheet
  • Lee Liming will correct any rating information based on consensus decisions


Action items


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